Centre for Theoretical Physics

The Centre organizes research in theoretical physics, high energies, theory of condensed matter, theoretical optics, and mathematical physics.


The Centre trains experts in promising areas of theoretical physics (quantum and classical field theory, quantum and classical mechanics, mathematical problems of physics, theory of condensed matter, theoretical optics) and interdisciplinary fields (physics of nanosystems, biophysics, mathematical modeling in biology, and mathematical models in economics).

Heads of the Centre

Georgy Mayer, Professor

Vladislav Bagrov, Professor

Olga Chaikovskaya, Professor

Laboratory for Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Theoretical and mathematical physics methods and their application in quantum field theory, strong interaction theory, and condensed matter physics.


Laboratory for Quantum Theory of Intense Fields

Quantum theory of intense fields methods development for high-energy physics, condensed matter physics, and astrophysics tasks.


Laboratory for Molecular Photophysics and Photochemistry

Photochemistry and photophysics of organic compounds and molecular structures.


Laboratory for Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Radiation Processes

Electronic structure and radioactive molecular properties in infrared and visible range.



Professor Dmitry Gitman

Doctor of Science, PhD

I.E. Tamm Department of Theoretical Physics

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Physics; Theoretical Physics; Quantum Physics; Mathematical Physics; Theoretical Particle Physics; Gravitational Physics; Special and General Relativity

Professor Boris Minaev


Cherkassy Engineering and Technological Institute, Ukraine

Biochemistry; Catalysis; Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry; Chemical Kinetics; Organic Synthesis; Organometallic Chemistry

Professor Vladislav Kupriyanov


Center of Mathematics Computation and Cognition

Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Applied Mathematics; Physical Sciences; Mathematics Physics

Associated Master’s programmes


Photo- and quantum chemistry, kinetics and dynamics of elementary processes of photochemical reactions, methods of theoretical and experimental photochemical studies; photochemical properties of molecular systems.


Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Quantum field theory; condensed state physics; synchrotron emission; non-linear equations of mathematical physics; biophysics; quantum mechanics for nanostructures.


634050, Russia,
Tomsk, Lenina av. 36

E-mail: chon@phys.tsu.ru

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