Centre for Research in Semiconductor Materials and Technologies

The Centre conducts research and development in the theory of condensed matter and crystallization processes, spintronics and topological insulators, solid state electronics and photonics, functional and organic electronics, microwave and terahertz electronics, physics of nanosystems, materials science, and computer simulation.


The findings of the Centre in semiconductor materials and technologies are the basis for small innovative companies that produce:

  • sensor materials for x-ray imaging;
  • measurement and control instruments and devices for automatic regulation and control;
  • detection blocks for X-ray scanning devices based on GaAs detectors with direct X-ray conversion.

Heads of the Centre:

Ivan Ivonin, Professor

Evgeny Chulkov, Professor, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Laboratory for Nanostructured Surfaces and Coatings

Highly-structured topological insulators as prospective materials for spintronics.


Laboratory for Functional Electronics

Study of gallium arsenide properties modification by extrinsic nanocluster and technology development of semi-insulating large-area structures.


Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics Laboratory

Development of a physical basis for derivatization, modification and research of electrophysical properties of various nanomaterial and nanostructures based on semiconductor compounds A2B6, A4B4, A3B with quantum wells, dots, and other nanoinclusions.


Laboratory for Organic Electronics

Research on a fundamental and applied basis, engineering of organic semiconductor materials, and semiconductor-based equipment development.


Laboratory for Terahertz Research

Development of electromagnetic research methods of composite  fundamental characteristics based on nanoscale materials in terahertz and  gigahertz range.



Professor Evgueni Chulkov-Savkin

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Faculty of Chemical Sciences, Materials Physics Department

University of the Basque Country, Spain

Electronic and Phononic Structure of Bulk Metals and Semiconductors; Single-particle and Collective Excitations in Bulk Metals and on Metallic Surfaces; Dynamics of Quasi-particles; Theoretical and Experimental Problems of Spintronics

Professor Sergey A. Maksimenko

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Research Institute for Nuclear Problems

Belarusian State University, Minsk

Materials Science; Physics; Thin Films and Nanotechnology; Electromagnetism; Nanoelectronics; Carbon Nanomaterials

Vladimir Burtman


Department of Geology and Geophysics

University of Utah, Salt Lake City, United States

Nanotechnology; Solid State Physics; Materials Physics; Material Characterization; Remote Sensing; Geochemistry; Thin Films and Nanotechnology; Engineering Physics

Associated Master’s programmes

Physics and Electromagnetic Wave processes of Magnetically Ordered Materials, Meta- and Nanomaterials

Current knowledge in physics and technologies of nanostructured magnetically ordered materials and metamaterials. Material synthesis; computer modeling of material properties; measurement of material parameters; application of the materials in radioelectronic devices and physics, biology and medical equipment.


Semiconductor Physics, Microelectronics

Semiconductor material science, semiconductor radiation physics, theory of crystal and film growth and doping, theory of semiconductor nanostructures electronic and optical properties.


Quantum Theory of Condensed State of Tridimensional and Nanoscale Systems

Theoretical and experimental studies of micro- and macroscopic properties of modern nanostructured materials applied in nanotechnology, electronics, spintronics, and chemistry.


Nanotechnology in Microelectronics

Study of semiconductor materials and semiconductor-based structures, including quantum-dimensional structures of opto-, micro- and nanoelectronics. Area of expertise in semiconductor material science, technology and growth theory of low-dimension semiconductor structures.


Nanophotonics Devices

Complex issues of semiconductor material science; operating principals, design and fabrication techniques of receiving and transmitting optical devices.


Radiophysics of Heterogeneous Mediums and Structures

Actual advanced interdisciplinary knowledge in radio physics of heterogeneous nanostructured chemical and biological systems.


634050, Russia,
Tomsk, Lenina av. 36

E-mail: iiv@phys.tsu.ru

Russia, TomskUni project, 2016